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Teaching Clinic

Student Clinic

Sutherland-Chan students gain valuable hands-on experience in our on-site teaching clinic, which offers massage to members of the public. In this clinic, massage treatments are provided by students under the guidance of a supervising massage therapist. The role of the supervisor is to facilitate the students’ learning and to ensure that patients receive appropriate therapy.

These student clinics are of two types: focused either on relaxation massage or on working with patients who have specific conditions and injuries. Relaxation clinics involve first year students and treatment-oriented clinics are staffed by students in their second year.

If you have a health condition that must be taken into account in designing your massage treatment, meaning that the student must make adaptations or employ advanced knowledge or skills, you should choose the appointment times marked (T), where the treatments are given by second year students. Examples of more complex health conditions which require booking in this clinic may include diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Relaxation-focused massage can also be provided by our second year students for patients with the above conditions.

What to Expect

There are a few things you should know in anticipation of attending your first Student Clinic appointment. First, be assured that your privacy will be respected. All massages take place in curtained cubicles, and the student will leave the cubicle while you undress, having first explained what is required. The degree to which you will be asked to undress depends on the therapeutic requirements, that is to say, the areas of your body that your student therapist would like to be able to access for treatment. If it makes you comfortable, you have the option of leaving pieces of clothing on – the therapist will adapt. You will always be between sheets, and draped so that only the part of your body being worked on at the time will be uncovered.

We have both male and female student therapists. You can state your preference of male or female therapist, if you have one, when booking your appointment.

Prior to providing massage for either stress reduction or specific treatments, the student therapist is required to clarify your goals for the massage, review your general health, including a check of your blood pressure, ask specific or additional questions about aspects of your health history that may impact on your treatment, and conduct a physical assessment (observation, tests, palpation). This may take 10-15 minutes of the allocated appointment time and is an important part of the student’s learning. It will also ensure that the massage treatment is adapted to meet your needs. We also ensure that your privacy is respected by keeping confidential all information collected in your file.

Your student therapist must obtain your informed consent before providing you with massage therapy, which means discussing the proposed treatment plan with you and coming to a mutual agreement as to what it will entail. If you are unclear about any of the information, we encourage you to ask. We want you to gain the maximum benefit from your massage, and to feel relaxed and comfortable in the clinical environment.

During your massage the instructor will at some point join you and the student therapist in the cubicle. You can expect the instructor to discuss your case presentation with the student therapist, and you might find that the instructor shows the student therapist how to perform certain techniques and then has them demonstrated by the student therapist as a component of your massage. Occasionally, and only with your permission, you may be joined by another student who is on rounds with the instructor.

Sutherland-Chan Student Clinic is a wonderful ‘win-win’ situation in that you receive the massage you require while the student therapist gains valuable clinical experience. We trust that you will benefit from your visit to our Student Clinic and look forward to meeting your massage therapy needs.

Clinic Pricing

The cost of a one hour appointment in Student Clinic is $40. To book an appointment, or purchase gift certificates, contact our Student Clinic Reception at 416-924-1107 ext. 10. Click here for clinic times.

Gift Certificate Pricing

Gift Certificate Prices
Individual certificates$40.00
Book of 5 certificates$190.00
Book of 10 certificates$360.00
Book of 15 certificates$540.00